As a result of having shared ownership and governance for years, the return to unification under the Franger brand results in a strong worldwide relaunch of our territory. The goal is the re-establishment of the cold chain, from refrigerated displays to refrigerated transport vehicles. This formal unification - initially between Cofi Europe Srl and Framec Truck Srl - harmonises the respective company structures, both in terms of technological-production and in terms of organisation, in order to encourage the development of the competitive synergies that the market demands.

Our Cofi and Framec lines have always perfectly complemented and integrated with each other. At Franger, this compatibility is only enhanced, ensuring greater coverage of the different market segments and seamless technological integration, putting forth the best of their respective features.

Franger was born from our awareness of the synergy between technology and local resources: a cutting-edge, person-centred company that uses Lean Organisation Management to fully leverage the capabilities of Industry 4.0, IoT and the existing production facilities such as our state-of-the-art foaming plant.